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From "Isabel Drost-Fromm"<>
Subject Re: Invitation to travel to Berlin
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2017 13:58:43 GMT

just a quick heads up:

On 2017-05-25 14:37 (+0200), Isabel Drost-Fromm <> wrote: 
> We think that running some smaller (70 to 200 ppl) event in autumn this 
> year as a dry run would make sense.

Current time frame is to have that early November 2017. Dates and CfP to be announced later
this week, early next week. (Current blocker is that the event needs a name ;) ).

> I know that this is too short notice for most of the long-haul travelers 
> among you, however I learned that there are ppl who'd fly longer than 
> 4hours to be part of this. So - thanks for putting me into the "get 
> creative mode": The idea is to have a larger event* on 
> Wednesday/Thursday after Berlin Buzzwords 2018**. Currently reaching out 
> to friends who could help produce this, getting encouraging feedback. 
> Careful: No budgeting done yet, no contracts signed, nothing!

For those who haven't been at Berlin Buzzwords:

tl;didn't watch: We were able to convince newthinking communication to support the event the
same way they have been supporting Berlin Buzzwords - they are producing the event, together
with Stefan I'm their community link.

Talks will revolve around all things community, legal, governance, async decision making,
$insert-your-favourite-topic-here. We'll post a call for presentations end of this year.

The event will happen in the same week as Berlin Buzzwords (but not on the same dates). Anyone
who suspects that there is some eval plan at work to keep open source people in Berlin for
a whole week including weekends:  }:-)


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