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From Sharan Foga <>
Subject Re: Apache Consultants/Jobs portal?
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 11:13:30 GMT
Brilliant idea Chris so +1 from me.

I think it could be a nice way to engage the committer / contributor 
base and also help bring in more companies to Apache. I know of one 
company that couldn't find enough people with experience of an ASF 
project locally so decided to take students on work experience and train 
them. It would be great to be able to create a win-win situation 
matching experienced and available people with the potential work out there.


On 21/07/17 10:25, Christofer Dutz wrote:
> Hi,
> interesting topic with the job-posting … which reminds me that I wanted to ask something
going down a similar path, but couldn’t quite figure out where to ask, but I think this
list is could be the best fit :-)
> For the last years I have been investing almost all my free time in Apache Projects and
the ASF itself. Unfortunately I haven’t ever been able to do a job using the projects I’m
spending all my time in. So I started thinking, why is this that way and how could this be
> I think in general you will probably get more public awareness by posting articles in
newspapers or blogs, but what if I would rather invest my time in doing instead of talking?
> Most people I’m currently thinking about are pros in talking about stuff others created
for them and for that they get to do fun jobs with cool projects.
> So here’s my idea: How about having the opposite of the jobs mailing list? Instead
of a list where people can ask for people for a given task, we could provide an Apache portal
in which committers of ASF projects can sign up to be listed to be available and interested
in projects and consulting for the projects they invest their time in? Some automated data
(committer/pmc/since when). Some textual information where the person can write down a little
about what he’s doing in the project, where he’s located, what type of work he’s open
to be doing. Making it easier for people to find the right guy for the job. All together with
a little tooling in which someone can get in touch with the guys without simply dumping their
email addresses publicly.
> On the one side this would be one list, in which you can only get listed by giving something
to the community first and on the other side it would make the less talking guys be noticed
more, eventually helping them get the jobs they deserve.
> I for my part am so totally sick of doing one legacy crap project after the other for
yet another bank and am so totally losing my drive to develop at all. I’m even thinking
of switching my profession completely away from IT.
> If I was able to have the companies using the stuff I build - and hereby qualify as a
pro in the topic equally as the big talkers – find me, I guess my job would be the best
I could imagine, but right now I’m so totally sick of it :-(
> What do you think of a thing like this? Has something like this been discussed before?
> Chris

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