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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Solutions.Hamburg: Invitation to provide ApacheContent
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2017 11:38:59 GMT

So, it seems people were waiting for something to be planned on the back-channel. I could
just sum up a proposal from my side so you could give your opinion to that.

First off, I would like to fill the 3 Apache Days with Apache Stuff … Ideally giving a wide
view of the types of projects we have. Right now I would have suggested something down this

- BigData Storage (Cassandra?) – How to store, retrieve and process Data in Cassandra?
- BigData Processing (Spark (Streaming)?) – An introduction on how to use one of the cool
Stream Processing Frameworks?
- IoT (Mynewt?, Edgent?) – An Introduction into the Framework with some examples on what
you can do with it?
- Core (Commons?) – Commons is probably the project most people have used but haven’t
really dealt with in detail … some cool things you can do with Commons stuff?

- BigData Storage (Hadoop?, Cassandra?) – How to setup a small Hadoop or Cassandra cluster?
- BigData Processing (Spark?) – How to setup a small Spark cluster and run some jobs in
- Servlet-Engines – (Tomcat?) – How to setup and configure Tomcat for Production?
- Big Picture – How the different parts of Apache fit together?

- The Apache Way
- The Incubator (Lifecycle of an Apache Project)
- How to make money with Open-Source?
- ….??? (Ways to get involved/How the Apache Foundation works internally/…)

But that’s just a draft and a one-man-brainstorming.

All talks should be entry-level suited to get people not yet involved with the topics interested
and people with some experience to get to ask some questions. And probably the talks should
be in German … but I’ll double check that with the organizer of the conference right away.

What do you think?


Am 10.07.17, 09:44 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:

    Hi Justin,
    Well there has been quite some interest to speak, but what I’m talking about is to sort
of plan a schedule for which we would then try to get people from the corresponding Projects
to speak. I don’t want to dictate a schedule. As I mentioned before, the audience there
is quite entry level and I would bet that 90% of the ApacheCon-type talks would completely
fry the brains of most attendees there. 
    But I think it would be a great opportunity to spread the Apache word, so entry level
talks would be great, and it would be great to cover not only the BigData base, but also other
ones :-)
    Am 10.07.17, 09:07 schrieb "Justin Mclean" <>:
        > I am willing to do a lot of the work for this, but definitely not all of it.
So, if there are people willing to help, please step forward. Otherwise I’ll just contact
the guys from that conference and cancel this project.
        I assume at this point is just getting enough people to put up their hands to volunteer
to speak and have some time to organise the schedule?
        Or do you have a more defined list of tasks you need help with? Having that may help
motivate people?
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