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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Milestones guidelines
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:53:54 GMT
Hi all,

yes, I know, the documentation here is lacking (or missing), but here are the general guidelines
for what Milestone to set on a PR.

	1) Set it to the current, actively developed, major version. Currently this means v8.0.0.

	2) If you think this is a back port candidate, add a label of “Backport”, if not, stop

	3) In the Projects list, add the projects that you need / want this to be back ported to.
E.g. "7.x releases”.

	4) This is a little sketchy, but if at all possible, put a comment on the PR, indicating
the emergency / reasoning why it should be back ported, and to which version.

For example, in #4, right now I need to know if a back port *must* go into v7.0.0 (next release),
or if it can wait to e.g. 7.1.1. Also be aware that we generally will not back port major
features / changes into a “patch” release. If you have a PR, with a significant change,
please suggest it (currently) to v7.2.0. Such features should definitely be discussed on the
mailing list, maybe even with a vote.

Also be prepared to make additional PRs for back ports if requested, to resolve merge conflicts

I hope this helps clarify this a little bit.


— leif

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