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From sebb <>
Subject Re: New reporter UI
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2017 21:17:03 GMT
On 18 June 2017 at 17:06, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
> On 06/18/2017 03:15 PM, sebb wrote:
>> On 18 June 2017 at 09:06, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I've been working on a new UI for the reporter tool today, and I think
>>> it's coming together nicely. The new UI can be seen at
>>> and should prove to be less
>>> clunky/flashy compared to the old one.
>>> Unless I hear otherwise, I'll change this to be the default UI for the
>>> reporter tool in a few days. Comments, feedback etc is of course very
>>> welcome!
>> Sorry, but I much prefer the current style.
>> It seems cleaner to me.
>> In comparison with the current style, to my mind the proposed style
>> has the following disadvantages:
>> - it's not immediately obvious which tab is selected
> I'm not sure how to interpret this, but I have changed the text color so
> it should be more obvious which tab is selected.
>> - "Add a tab" only works for members and does not actually add a tab
>> each time it is used.
> This has now been addressed.
>> - not as easy to read the tab text as it fills the space
> I'm sorry but I don't understand the criticism here. Could you
> elaborate? or maybe your browser displays something I'm not seeing.
> Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful.

Try adding


and you should see what I mean.
The original tabs allowed space before and after the text.

>> - not as easy to read the tab contents as the contrast is reduced
> Assuming you mean the ToC links, I have made them more visible now. Hope
> this addresses the concern.

I meant all the text, however the ToC were the worst affected.

>> - tab shapes are not as nice as before
> I frankly found it too flashy in the end (even though I originally
> created them that way)...a matter of taste I suppose :)
>> - the surrounding dark background is distracting
> The CSS is there for people to change if they can come up with a better
> color scheme (css/tabs.css) :)
>> - the back to top links don't take one back to the top
> I have addressed this issue now, it should link to the very top again.
>> - the footer contents are always visible (or would be, if an alignment
>> bug were fixed) so it's always obvious whom to contact
> I'm assuming you mean the footer is _not_ always visible now. I don't


> think that's a real issue, and I don't think we make use of an 'always
> visible' footer in many places.

Maybe some of the info could be presented in the header instead.
e.g. Managed by and About links
It's important that people can readily find how to report problems.

> I hope this addresses your concerns.
> With regards,
> Daniel.
>> The improvements:
>> - the page footer is not obscured by the scroll box (that should be fixable)
>> - it's possibly slightly easier to scroll the whole page rather than
>> scrolling within the box. But this does mean the footer is not always
>> available.
>> I'd much rather see the few minor issues with the current layout fixed.
>>> With regards,
>>> Daniel.
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