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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Invitation to travel to Berlin
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 12:37:08 GMT

thanks @all for participating in the poll, getting back to me on-list 
and off-list. From the feedback I received there's clearly at least some 
people interested in traveling to Berlin ;)

While I don't have a detailed plan yet I thought it would make sense to 
give an update on the current state after two weeks of talking to 
people, so here you go:

We think that running some smaller (70 to 200 ppl) event in autumn this 
year as a dry run would make sense.

I know that this is too short notice for most of the long-haul travelers 
among you, however I learned that there are ppl who'd fly longer than 
4hours to be part of this. So - thanks for putting me into the "get 
creative mode": The idea is to have a larger event* on 
Wednesday/Thursday after Berlin Buzzwords 2018**. Currently reaching out 
to friends who could help produce this, getting encouraging feedback. 
Careful: No budgeting done yet, no contracts signed, nothing!

ETA for exact dates if any based on the feedback I have so far: Third 
week of June (after BBuzz that is). If waiting another three weeks 
before making plans for June next year is too long for you, please reach 
out directly so I can share more precise details on where we are at so 
you can make a better informed decision.

Hope to see you soon in person,

* Early June, depending on venue availability. Two days, one or two 
tracks, CfP based, low ticket cost, content strictly focused on 
community management, open source project management, async 
collaboration, inner source, open development, maybe open space like 
breakout sessions.

** If you (or your startup) have conflicts there, let me know. Also tell 
me which date would work for you to ship your family if you have 
children going to school. I have no clue what summer holiday dates look 
like anywhere else but in the various federal states in Germany.

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