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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Invitation to travel to Berlin
Date Fri, 12 May 2017 11:58:01 GMT
Isabel, thanks for taking this on, and for the copious detail. And
thanks to all the people that sent me "did you see this thread?!"
messages while I was traveling. :-)

In short, yes, I'm in favor of this proposal, with all my various hats
on, and will do whatever I can to support it.

The question of dates is difficult, since I'm already committed to
travel for many of the proposed dates, but I expect I'd find a way to
make it work.

And of course you could count on Feathercast and other ASF promotion
voices to promote this, although I expect a 200-person venue would fill
up pretty quickly without a huge amount of that.

Right now, I'm between trips, and focused on ApacheCon NA, so you won't
hear much more from me on this, but I'll help however I can, once this
event is over.

On 05/10/2017 04:15 PM, Isabel Drost-Fromm wrote:
> CAREFUL: This mail was posted to lists with different visibility levels.
> I would love to see any discussion following it happen in public. While
> I'm subscribed to a few of our events lists, I would assume many people
> at Apache aren't which is why IMHO dev@c.a.o might be a good place to
> take this proposal apart.
> Hi,
> TL;DR: Back when I created Berlin Buzzwords I did so to have an excuse
> to invite lovely people from all over the world to visit Berlin. It took
> until last week for me to ask some people outside of the NoSQL/ search/
> big data circles what I would have to do to get them to travel to
> Berlin. The answer I got? "Just ask" - So here I am.
> Longer version (I know I'll regret thinking about this a second after
> hitting send):
> Looking in vain for an existing group of people to exchange ideas around
> the topic of distributed team management across organisation boundaries,
> last summer I started organising - "async
> cat herding" meetup for exactly this topic. I've scheduled it at lunch
> time, received lots of interest, but for one talk at a time usually
> attracted only roughly 20 attendees.
> Ever since I started that thing my head has been tossing around the idea
> to see if one could arrange something bigger. Something that touches
> community management, open development, inner source, project
> neutrality, foundation growth, async communication - essentially some
> sort of Apache Community Summit, or Apache Community Hackathon to
> overload the meetup acronym's meaning.
> I started working for a new employer (, fintech founded in
> 1999, meetup friendly, organised holocratically***) as "Open Source
> Strategist"*. Shortly after starting there a colleague (Stefan, CC'ed)
> told me that this company has space for 180ppl total at no cost (2
> rooms, one of which can be split, so it's 3 rooms max). This information
> got me thinking, the result of that thinking made Stefan "slightly"
> nervous ;) However that same result also made a handful of ASF
> affiliated people smile when I shared it with them, so I thought it
> would make sense to take the idea one step further:
> With this mail I would like to see how much interest there would be in
> attending an event that is solely about Apache project leadership topics.
> If there's only <20 ppl, I'm happy to offer my family's living room,
> been there, done that before - promise to keep the 3D printer switched
> off this time around.
> If there's <70ppl, we can easily host this in the Europace Casino meetup
> room, no big deal, there's plenty of experience in how to do that there
> including one video recording set should we be inclined to record any
> talks.
> For the case that there's <200ppl interested, we will need some
> organisation time up-front, but I have been told that we would be welcome.
> If more than 200ppl attend, I'd have to get creative.
> Up until 200ppl I'd keep the event free as in free beer to everyone who
> contributed to Apache and hand out tickets on a first come first serve
> basis. Free as in free beer means no first class catering, no
> reimbursement for speakers, no fancy conference hotel to spend all your
> conference days in. However is located close to Berlin
> Alexanderplatz - you won't starve for a lack of food. Nor will you get
> bored if you need some fresh air, happy to share local knowledge on what
> to do, where to eat, what to see ;)
> Apart from number of attendees there are a couple open questions I'm
> aware of:
> - In terms of topics I would love to focus on developer
> collaboration, Apache Way, Community leadership, distributed teams**. If
> we want organised tracks, I'd need speakers. For a first iteration I
> won't setup a double blind submission and review system and instead keep
> things as simple as possible which implies a good chance of unfairness.
> - For marketing I would love to bring this to the Berlin Buzzwords team,
> I can talk to German publishers, would rely on Apache channels for
> everything else.
> - Should someone want professional videos and want to pay for that I can
> see if I can get you in touch with the ppl who have done this in the
> past at Buzzwords, if not, maybe Google Live Hangouts could be an option
> (have done this for the past two achnee meetups, worked ok-ish, depends
> on bandwidth).
> - I have no idea wrt. to pricing - to avoid contractual obligations, tax
> implications and personal liability stuff I'd shoot for minimising
> number of signed contracts/ money collected with the caveat that people
> would have to be honest in giving back tickets they don't need (which
> currently doesn't work with organised events here in Berlin).
> I've had crowdfunding suggested before - yes, this is an option, if we
> find or create an intermediate entity to collect and wisely spend the
> money that is not me - otherwise among other things my tax declaration
> get's even more complicated than it already is, and no I won't be the
> one creating an e.V. for that myself for the same reasons that I didn't
> do that back when Berlin Buzzwords was founded: I'm not a paperwork
> loving person, sorry.
> If you are interested in all of this, I have prepared a short poll for you:
> Cheers,
> Isabel (about to regret having hit send in a minute, not proof reading
> as otherwise I won't send this out...)
> * If any of you have any good advise on where/ how to start and which
> pitfalls to avoid, lets talk separately.
> ** Mostly out of personal interest and because I'm frustrated that for
> me it seems easier to find such content by anyone but the Apache
> Software Foundation, but maybe that's my personal filter bubble.
> *** Press teaser adapted, shortened and translated from the official
> German version: Hypoport AG is a FinTech service provider in the
> financial industry. The business model is based on a portfolio of
> institutional customers, private clients, financial services companies.
> Europace AG is a 100% subsidiary of Hypoport, developing and operating
> an online financial market place called Europace, the largest German
> platform for real estate financing, building loan products, and advise
> credit products. Europace is connecting roughly 400 partners - banks,
> insurances, financial sales institutions. Several thousand users are
> handling roughly 35k transactions each month with a volumn of about 4
> billion Euro via the Europace platform.
> .oO(I'm wondering if anyone really reads until down here...)
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