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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Test Suite progress report (2017-05-07)
Date Sun, 07 May 2017 20:50:53 GMT
Hi everyone,

With a recent fix to the startup process (fix race condition on
creating _dbs), our test failure count has gone down a lot.
However we are still getting enough failures that approximately 1
in every 5 test suite runs in our CI infrastructure are failing.

I am still asking for support in addressing these issues.


* 2 new failures: 1 JS, 1 EUnit.
* Total issues open: *19*
* Recurrences of 4 previously reported bugs.
* Travis switched to sudo: false environment
* Lack of help on these issues is going to directly impact our
  ability to release the next version.

# New issues
COUCHDB-3412: JS: stats.js FAIL restart
  Recently re-enabled test that restarts the server. Sometimes, the
  restart process fails (x2). This may be a simple timeout issue,
  or something more serious.

COUCHDB-3413: EUnit: test setup fail, db not created
  In chttpd_db_doc_size_tests a test creates a document. Once so far,
  that document creation does not return a 201 or 202.

# Fixed Issues
COUCHDB-3402: JS: dev/run timing out starting up nodes
  This was a bona fide error in our startup process, where a race
  occurred between two processes trying to create _dbs simultaneously.
  It's been patched. Thanks to @davisp and @iilyak for assistance.

# Recurring issues this week
1x COUCHDB-3352: JS: couchjs SIGSEGVs
1x COUCHDB-3344: EUnit: compaction_daemon_tests timing out
1x COUCHDB-3342: JS: design_docs expected '"ok"', got '"ko"'
1x COUCHDB-3341: EUnit: config listener unknown failure

# Still Open Issues
COUCHDB-3401: EUnit: should_not_remember_docs_in_index_after_backup_restore 500 error
COUCHDB-3396: EUnit: failed_to_start_child
COUCHDB-3384: EUnit: couch_replicator_compact_tests failure
COUCHDB-3383: EUnit: couchdb_file_compression_tests timed out
COUCHDB-3382: EUnit: couchdb_auth_tests assertEqual failure
COUCHDB-3360: Broken couch_mrview test modules
COUCHDB-3356: JS: jsonp test fail
COUCHDB-3354: JS: replicator_db_compact_rep_db failed
COUCHDB-3352: JS: couchjs SIGSEGVs
COUCHDB-3348: EUnit: global_changes_tests context setup failed
COUCHDB-3346: JS: reduce.js "JSON is not a function"
COUCHDB-3345: JS: stats.js silent failure
COUCHDB-3344: EUnit: compaction_daemon_tests timing out
COUCHDB-3343: JS: show_documents failure
COUCHDB-3342: JS: design_docs expected '"ok"', got '"ko"'
COUCHDB-3341: EUnit: config listener unknown failure
COUCHDB-3339: EUnit: couch_mrview_red_views_tests throw:error
# Full list of test case issues in JIRA


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