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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Adding roster of community-focused talks
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 16:54:07 GMT
What *I* would like to work on is a listing of non-technical talks by
Apache committers that have good slides, and have been presented well at
an ApacheCon (or other major event), from people who might be willing to
present those or similar slides at other events.\

Think of it as a curated roster of existing Apache speakers/talks that
might be part of a future "ASF Speaker's Bureau", focused on
non-technical talks.  We have a lot of great speakers and proven talks
they've given; but it would be helpful to speakers and learners alike to
have a better way to organize them.

Early beta version of a public listing:

Currently derived from static data, but would be derived from contents
of the yaml files as noted below in the future.  It would be useful to
categorize by topic, which events the talks were given at, and possibly
link this to the "Local Speakers" app other folks are working on so
companies interested in inviting speakers know where they're located
(all opt-in, obviously).

Shane Curcuru wrote on 5/22/17 10:13 PM:
> We had a lot of great feedback about the Apache Way track some of us
> presented at ApacheCon, including several people coming to ask various
> speakers for more information afterwards.
> Although we have a simplistic Apache slides listing, it would be far
> more valuable - and we have the content - to have a curated listing of
> community-focused talks that Apache folks have given, with abstracts,
> slides, videos (when available) and the like.
> Along with a speaker's bureau / local speakers ideas some folks are
> working on, it would help to provide a listing of curated sessions that
> have already been given (and perhaps where the speaker or deck could be
> reused).
> These listings would be super-simple YAML files of just basic data about
> sessions that have already been given, usually at an ApacheCon, so we
> know we could recommend them.  Any committer would be welcome to submit.
>  We can work on some simple way to display these if there's interest.
> Proposed location/format:
> The submitter field would normally be an ApacheID, and would lookup a
> apacheid.yaml file in the same directory.  This allows for speakers to
> use the same bio that was used at a conference, rather than just the
> stuff we could lookup for committers from id.a.o


- Shane

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