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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Invitation to travel to Berlin
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 09:05:31 GMT
On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 07:58:01AM -0400, Rich Bowen wrote:
> Isabel, thanks for taking this on, and for the copious detail.

I guess this is a case of once bitten, shy twice - I don't want to promise more
than I can deliver so including that detail was my way of managing expectations.
Glad it was helpful - given your vast experience running ApacheCon your feedback
and comments are very important to me.

> And
> thanks to all the people that sent me "did you see this thread?!"
> messages while I was traveling. :-)

:-D Not sure if I should be scared now or not - the scared little human in
myself is now afraid of the amount of people that are watching me now ;)

> In short, yes, I'm in favor of this proposal, with all my various hats
> on, and will do whatever I can to support it.

\  |  /
- :-) -
/  |  \ Very much appreciated! Thank you!

> The question of dates is difficult, since I'm already committed to
> travel for many of the proposed dates, but I expect I'd find a way to
> make it work.

:) It would be awesome to have you here. While we did meet at FOSDEM earlier
this year, that was just too brief; on top of that I'm still sad I didn't even
make it to your talk.

> And of course you could count on Feathercast and other ASF promotion
> voices to promote this,


> although I expect a 200-person venue would fill
> up pretty quickly without a huge amount of that.

:) So you're saying it might make sense to start thinking beyond that?

> Right now, I'm between trips, and focused on ApacheCon NA, so you won't
> hear much more from me on this, but I'll help however I can, once this
> event is over.

Thank you!

Isabel (heading to the Aquarium Berlini* with family now, so offline for the
coming few hours)

* - if anyone needs more links to what to do in
Berlin with family, let me know: Happy to share links to beaches, boats, farms,
a museum with one of the first computers ever built, parks, adventure
playgrounds, places where you can be an astronaut, lakes and the like. Just in
case you need to convince other people to fly here together with you.

Sorry for any typos: Mail was typed in vim, written in mutt, via ssh (most likely involving
some kind of mobile connection only.)

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