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From Katherine Marsden <>
Subject Check out Edgent at ApacheCon! Even if you can't go, check out Edgent!
Date Mon, 15 May 2017 21:56:45 GMT

I hope this is appropriate for this list, but we sometimes see general 
queries from folks looking to get involved in java projects and Edgent 
(incubating) is a great one. Your contribution would really be welcome 
there.  I also think analytics at the edge with Edgent has many awesome 
applications and am hoping this will catch the eye of folks who can use it.

Dale and Will have a talk scheduled tomorrow at Apachecon that I think 
will be a great introduction to the what and why of Edgent? The demo 
application is just a small amount of code, using Edgent and OpenCV to 
do facial detection on a camera so that just the facial images can be 
sent to the backend for further facial recognition analysis.

There are actually two talks that include Edgent at Apachecon this week:

Video Analytics at the Edge: Fun with Apache Edgent, OpenCV and a 
Raspberry Pi
Tuesday May 16, 2017 • 2:30pm - 3:20pm EST
Venue: Michaelangelo
Presenters: William Marshall & Dale LaBossiere, IBM
Apache Edgent (incubating) is a streaming programming model and runtime 
designed to accelerate the development of analytics on small edge 
devices or gateways. Enabling streaming analytics on edge devices can 
reduce the load on data center and communication costs. Furthermore, 
edge analytics can reduce decision making latency and enable device 
autonomy. Edgent uses a functional API to compose processing pipelines 
with immediate per-tuple computation, and also provides a suite of 
connectors which greatly ease communication with a backend. This 
presentation introduces Apache Edgent and provides a video analytics use 
case to illustrate its programming model and capabilities.
Having fun with Raspberry(s) and Apache Projects

Wednesday, May 17 • 12:15pm - 1:05pm EST
Venue: Sandringham
Presenter: Jean-Frederic Clere, Red Hat
You can do a lot with a Raspberry and ASF projects. From a Tiny object 
connected to Internet to a small server application.

     Raspberry as a IoT Sensor collecting data and sending it to ActiveMQ.
     Raspberry as a Modbus supervisor controlling an Industruino 
(Insdustrial Arduino) and connected to ActiveMQ.
     Using Apache edgent with same :D

I hope folks can come and if not might check out Edgent and the Edgent 
community at:

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