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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Trouble child OpenOffice
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2017 20:19:38 GMT
Hi people

I want to raise a question here. I know, we have to solve our problems our  
self, but maybe here are people with ideas. OpenOffice has a big community  
problem. The community was simply melted away in the last year. We have at  
the moment no Company who offer devs. And the rest of the community fights  
the absolutely urgent issues. There was already a discussion about  
retirement, it was refused. But this doesn't mean we are out of the danger  

The sweet part of this story is our user base. We have 100'000 Downloads  
EVERY single DAY. I mean, this is crazy. We have really loyal users. We  
get also frequently messages from user who just want to say "thank you".

The sad thing about this is, they have actually no chance to do something  
for the program. They are looked out. Remember, they are normal users,  
they are no developers. They are typically private users or small  
companies. But imagine what happened if only a small part of our users pay  

We really need devs and we need skilled one, because OpenOffice is  
challenging for programmers. Companies with a load of money has a easy way  
to influence an Apache project. Simply pay a developer, that's it. But  
people without big pocket are simply looked out. (if they have no  
programmer skills) That's not fair!

How to solve this problem? Thanks a load.

Regards Raphael

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