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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache Community Tools hack day at ApacheCon NA
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2017 17:55:41 GMT
Benjamin Young wrote on 4/14/17 12:36 PM:
> I'm planning to arrive Sunday night and had planned to attend the
> BarCamp on Monday. However, what I'd love to do even more than that,
> is sit down with other Apache folks and get started contributing to
> all the "meta" projects that we depend on daily. I gave a talk on
> getting started with them at a past ApacheCon:
> My hope would be to help get folks (and myself!) started on projects
> like PonyMail, the site,,
> the phonebook, etc. There's a list in my slide deck:

A first step is to start working on the community.a.o website itself, to
make it obvious there how newcomers can find useful things:

> Other ideas I've kicked around with folks in the past include:
> - a JavaScript "feather widget" that's easily added to any site and
> include a slide-out navigation "palette" to the main site and/or
> related project content

I love that idea, but it has to be super-simple to integrate into
existing websites, esp. ones built by Maven or Forrest.  Also,
experience shows we often have to submit patches and help do integrations.

> - stub/starter project sites

This might want to wait, since the Infra team is in the process of
building a new pelican-based gh-pages like website hosting system that
will eventually replace the CMS (in... a few++ months?).  You'll be able
to tell it to run Maven or Forrest or your own scripts, if you don't
want to use the simplistic GFM-like core it provides.

> - forms for generating incubator report/status XML (or automating
> that a bit more

Yes - be sure to check with IPMC folks, since there are a few people
there who have talked about this.  Also for processes that need to
view/manipulate any committer-private data, Apache Whimsy has tooling
for that built in.  Whimsy is a collection of independent tools for
viewing/processing ASF related data:

> Mostly, a day of "scrubbing" the stuff we use and getting the code
> setup on hard drives of willing accomplices would be a successful
> outcome for the day. ^_^
> If this sounds interesting to others, I'd love to help get it on the
> schedule and make it happen.

The official conference schedule is set, but you can ask Rich if you
have questions.  But collecting a few volunteers and a URL on the
community.a.o website with a proposed time to work on things Monday
would be most excellent.

> Thanks, all!
> Benjamin
> --


- Shane

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