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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Committer Diversity Survey - Running Survey and General Apache Related Feedback
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 09:04:39 GMT
Hi Everyone 

I'm following up on some of the feedback received in the Committer Diversity Survey.

The last survey question was one where they could leave any comments or feedback and also
give their explicit permission for us to quote or use their comment.

The following comments were received about the running the survey and the ASF in general.

1. I'm very new to the Apache community but have been very impressed by the professionalism
and welcoming of all of the people I've interacted with.

2. ASF is doing a brilliant job of managing open source projects right from incubation to
TLP. Members in the community are knowledgeable and welcoming to new contributors. I believe
ASF will play a crucial role in shaping the future of software development. 

3. ASF is a great community of users who create great open source software. I've enjoyed being
part of the JSPWiki community.

4. Thanks for taking care of diversity.

5. I'm too new (less than a month) to have much inputs.

6. Being part of the ASF has reshaped how i think about the world, and my life as part of
it, as well. I am so happy and grateful for the people I've met in this community.

7. Apache Software Foundation does a great job in attractive young talent to the project.
I am from Sri Lanka we have lots of open source contributors and companies who involve in
opensource projects.    Thanks a lot for the inspiration and great work.

8. Thank you for this initiative.  Diversity enriches us.

9. Thank you for organizing this survey -- I very much hope it will be a good first step towards
a broader and more inclusive range of contributors and committers to Apache projects!

10. Survey from the ASF will always be welcome! :)

11. The ASF always feels like a lovely home filled with like minded friends who you stay in
touch with across employer changes. Contributing especially on a cross project foundation
wide level typically means getting way more back than you initially invested.

12. Thanks for doing this survey!

13. Thank you for doing the survey and for your work to increase diversity at ASF. 

14. Thanks for doing this survey.

15. Thanks for doing this survey. I look forward to seeing what we learn from it.

16. The ASF is doing a great job.

17. This is a great initiative, thank you!

18. Always love you all the Apache people!   

19. Good idea to have such statistics.

20. Working with Apache has been a great experience and project mentors from ASF have been
incredibly helpful and open to teaching. 

We also had six comments where people did not give their permission to be quoted so I have
paraphrased the general feedback below:

- Two were general thanks for doing the survey and promoting diversity. Two were related to
being happy being part of the ASF.  One was a new committer highlighting their long term association
with the ASF. 

- The final one praised the ASF for being an important organisation in the open source world,
championing caring, sharing communities and building our own culture that strengthens our
goals. They also felt proud to be a contributor and associated with Apache.

It is always good to get feedback (and getting positive feedback is even nicer!). 


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