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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Committer Diversity Survey – Survey Related Feedback
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:25:00 GMT
Hi Everyone 

I'm following up on some of the feedback received in the Committer Diversity Survey.

The last survey question was one where they could leave any comments or feedback and also
give their explicit permission for us to quote or use their comment.

The follow comments were received about the structure of the survey itself:

1. I don't fully understand the purpose of the questions, don't seem to lead me nowhere

2. For question 3, being allowed to select only one choice is a little bit too restrictive
since the reality is a mix of work during work time, and work done after job.

3. Question 1 is ambiguous and subjective, e.g. does a mailing list post count as "involved"?
   Question 7 is not helpful without activity frequency information.    Question 8 is not
helpful without a time reference (i.e. information and information flow changed over time
- there is a strong correlation to Questions 1 and 2).    Formulation note: "Prefer not to
say" is purposely different from "I would not use any of this to describe myself" or "I would
not like having recorded something".

4. For a diversity survey, I would have thought you might included a question around the LGBT
community.  You can add that I am a happily married gay male to the results :-)

5. I didn't see a line item for this, but I am gay. 

6. In the future, please capture nationality or country of residence.    Thank you for studying
this issue.

7. Race is not ethnicity. Race is biological. "Asian" isn't even a race. I am disappointed
to see ASF fall into this political trap. 

8. Future studies should include national diversity as well as gender and ethnic.  I am interested
in longitudinal data as well and hope you continue to run this survey.

9. Would have been nice if there was a part about the incubator - whether people are involved
(and how), what they see the role of the incubator being, how they see it progressing and
so on. Perhaps also some about what  peoples primary method of contribution is (code, documentation,
artwork, quality assurance etc) and what their education is (always interesting to see how
education relates to their Apache work).

10. Very good initiative, may be worth pushing a bit more, day job role dev/qa/ops, company

We also had two comments where respondents didn't give their permission to be quoted. One
was that they found survey odd and the other was from someone with multiple roles that didn't
know how to categorise themselves as a contributor.

Overall the feedback on the structure of the survey itself was constructive and contained
many suggestions that could be used to improve any future ones.


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