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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Let's go Facebook
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2017 18:31:18 GMT
Hi all

I discovered some time ago, that the Apache Software Foundation has a  
automated generated Facebook site with over 9000 likes. For those who  
don't know it, FB generate a page for highly requested sits. There is a  
text from Wikipedia on it, the Logo and that's it. We can take over this  
page with the 9000 fans on it, and make a real fan page.

I've talked about this topic with Sally. She said, that I should go ahead  
and do it. I have some years experience with FB pages. I'm one of the  
Administrators of the Apache OpenOffice page. So I propose the following  

If there are no concerns, I will care about getting the page setup. After  
that I can add others to Admin ore Moderator list.

I ask also for help here. Who is willing to maintain a Facebook page? FB  
can also be a good opportunity to get new people involved. At OpenOffice  
we have had committer who started with a simple Question on the FB Page.

So what you think about it?

Regards, Raphael

My introduction

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