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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: GSoc
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2017 17:19:13 GMT
Hi Simran,

Welcome.  A good next step would be to look through the idea list at  The Apache Software Foundation is composed of
many separate projects which each have their own members and mailing lists.  So
if there is an idea that looks interesting to you, you should get involved with
that specific project.

On 3/11/17 11:02 AM, simran kashyap wrote:
> Hello!
> My name is Simran kashyap. I am a second year information technology
> undergraduate.
>  I am curious and passionate about how technology can transform lives. I am
> technology enthusiast I like to drive the technology so far to bring a
> major change in society. And it excites me to get involved in it. I have
> realized that society needs to know the actual potential of technology.
> I am skilled with C, C++, Java, Python, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, SQL,
> android app development and currently working on web development and
> machine learning.
> I have done some projects on C, C++, Java, Python like games, I made some
> applications through android and web pages, forms using Html, CSS, JS. I
> even used SQL and Bootstrap.
> I am interested in working with a positive organization like APACHE where I
> get to learn new things and I would like to do java, C and my other skills
> in a professional way for a good career and it can only possible by working
> with APACHE. As it includes all my experienced languages and skills and I
> am even familiar with these so I would like to work for APACHE.
> Not only because of the above reasons I want to work under APACHE but
> moreover its projects are interesting and suitable up to my knowledge of
> work and I am quite experienced with its languages that it requires.

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