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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Proposed: (Bi?)monthly committer newsletter
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2017 15:23:26 GMT
On 31 March 2017 at 15:34, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
> On 03/31/2017 09:26 AM, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>> The draft newsletter does not seem to have instructions for opting out.
>> Do you plan to add that before going live?
> The intent is that this would go to - a list to
> which all committers are subscribed. There's no other list where we can
> actually reach the audience I'm targeting - the very committers who are
> less and less engaged with the larger Foundation with each passing year.
> Making this a separate newsletter mailing list would completely defeat
> the purpose of the mailing.
> We also send board meeting minutes to this list, notifications of
> upcoming events, notices of surveys, and various other messages that go
> to the entire committership, without explicit mentions of ways to opt
> out, other than the standard unsubscribe header.

AFAIK it's not possible to unsubscribe from committers@ except by
ceasing to be a committer.

[Unsub might work temporarily, but the subs are regenerated at least
weekly from LDAP]

> I'm hoping that if we make this a regular thing, the shotgun-style
> messages to the list will decrease, and, rather, be included in a
> regular, predictable monthly mailing, thus *reducing* rather than
> increasing traffic on that list.
> Do you feel that an explicit opt-out mechanism is needed for this?
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> - @apachecon

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