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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Re: Using Solr/Lucene to provide our own site search?
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2017 15:25:24 GMT
I am an Apache Solr committer and would be happy to be part of such project.

My primary focus within Solr community is onboarding, training and
general beginner-orientation. I would be happy to do Solr intro course
to any Apache Solr committer and contribute to this project on Solr
issues such as schema design, search tuning, troubleshooting, and
other usual issues.

I am not a very good sysadmin though, even for Solr :-(

---- - Resources for Solr users, new and experienced

On 28 March 2017 at 11:15, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> As has been pondered many times (recently by Rich and Sally, among many
> others), it would be really nice to better help newcomers find the right
> information at the ASF or our projects.  We have one of the industry's
> leading search tools right here: why aren't we using it, and even
> better, semi-consistently across sites that want to?
> Is there *sustainable* interest here in ComDev to organize this work?
> There are a lot of moving bits, most of which need to be done by
> volunteers (infra typically only promises to maintain core services).
> So the issue is 1) having a great story why this would be useful, to
> attract the 2) volunteers to work on each of the parts.
> - Lucene PMC has a VM already; one hopes they could run an index of some
> size there already.
> -- Requires Lucene/Solr experience to configure, setup, and test.
> - Websites we want to search need to have search code integrated.  As
> @fluxo points out, it's simple to plop a Solr search box somewhere - but
> harder to make it fit site design, use correct config, etc.
> - Runbooks and maintenance - this is something that (likely) ComDev or
> someone not-infra would need to maintain.  In particular, if we wanted
> to add this to, we'd *really* need to ensure it can get fixed
> when it breaks.
> I think a good search index including and community.a.o would
> be very valuable to help newcomers find the *right* page where
> information is stored.  The question is, do we have the people to do all
> the bits to make it happen this year?
> --
> - Shane
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