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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Apache and Java
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2017 15:30:38 GMT
It doesn't matter that the ASF has a lot of Java code.  What matters is
that a lot of communities who wrote Java tools decided to come to the
ASF to build their projects here.

The ASF exists to create software for the public good, and we do that by
supporting the projects who want to be here.  So we don't 'officially'
go out recruiting for any particular projects - but we can (as we're
doing now) make it clear that the ASF is happy to host any technologies,
as long as their community wants to work in the Apache Way and come to
the ASF.

Hervé BOUTEMY wrote on 3/19/17 5:15 AM:
> +1
> just a little addition: "Java at Apache" was called Jakarta

Jakarta was one of the first PMCs at Apache in Sept, 1999, along with
the XML PMC (which is how I got my start at the ASF).

Jakarta was a great project that got a lot of Java-based tools and
communities started.  As it grew, the set of people working on the
various tools diverged so much that it was hard for the PMC to
effectively govern all the different projects together.  That's what the
ASF calls an "umbrella project", where there's one PMC, but it's really
many different communities and codebases.

Thus, the various tools spun off into their own top level projects, so
that each PMC community was made of people who regularly worked on their
specific codebase - Ant, Logging, Maven, Struts, etc.

> I don't know if newbies know about Jakarta nowadays, but Jakarta was the home 
> for so many tools that became later independant Apache Top Level Projects
> Regards,
> Hervé
> Le dimanche 19 mars 2017, 17:03:09 CET Niclas Hedhman a écrit :
>> I think it is a combination of several factors;
>>   * Historical - The first non-httpd project in Apache was Java, followed
>> by a handful of others.
>>   * Java is one of the big languages.
>>   * Some projects are spin-offs from other ASF projects
>>   * External Java projects knows Apache Java projects very well, through
>> Ant, Maven, Commons, Tomcat and many other they use. So if they seek a new
>> home, ASF is one of the obvious choices. For C/C++, C#, Ruby and Python,
>> this is not necessarily the case. There is often no natural tie between a
>> random solo project in these languages and ASF.
>>   * The above is creating a reinforcement feedback loop, giving the
>> impression that ASF is all about Java and perhaps overlooked for other
>> platforms when seeking a new home.
>> Hope that helps.
>> Niclas
>> On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Spaghetti Roulette <
>>> wrote:
>>> Why do Apache projects use Java so extensively? It looks to me that a lot
>>> of projects, if not most of them, are written in Java, and I can't get my
>>> head around this fact. Is there any reason, perhaps technical, or is it
>>> just coincidence?
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- Shane

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