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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Survey on occasional Open Source Contributions
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:49:11 GMT
Hi Everyone

At FOSDEM earlier this month I was contacted by Ann Barcomb who is currently doing some research
about people that occasionally contribute to open source. She is looking for a few more respondents
and asked me to communicate the details. 

She is collecting the information via the following online survey:

Ann also sent me some details about herself and the reasons behind the research, which I've
included at the end of this message.



## About me ## 

- I previously worked as a software developer and have been a member of the Perl community
sincet  2000. My desire to research this field stems from my personal interests. 

- All my scientific work has an open access version available at and I
hope to share my findings outside of academic conferences. In particular, I expect to submit
talks to the community track at FOSDEM and the Community Leadership Conference at the European
Open Source Summit. 

## The Survey ## 

- All demographic information (section G) and contact information (section H) is optional

- The survey software is Limesurvey, running a private instance on a dedicated virtual machine
( Survey data will only be shared with my co-authors. 

- The purpose of this study is to explore whether the EVER model of episodic volunteer engagement
and retention (Hyde et al, 2016) is applicable in a free software/open source context. The
implication of a positive answer would be a better understanding of the motivating factors
of infrequent or occasional contributors. A negative answer would allow a different model
to be constructed. 

- I am interested in responses from people who contribute voluntarily in any way, not just
through patches: bug reports, translations, staffing the cloak room at a conference, giving
promotional talks, etc. Although I am only focusing on occasional contributions, even people
who regularly participate in one community might infrequently contribute to another. 

- I have received 75 complete responses and am aiming to get at least 25 more for construct

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