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From Nicola Asuni <>
Subject Request new project repository milagro-crypto-c
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2017 17:26:33 GMT

This is to request a new repository for the "milagro-crypto-c" project
under the Apache incubator Milagro.

The project is currently hosted at:
and it is a new version of the "incubator-milagro-crypto" hosted at
mirrored at
but it only contains the C version of the AMCL library.

This is part of a new set of projects that implements the AMCL library
in different languages.
The project separation has become necessary mainly because the old
incubator-milagro-crypto has proven difficult to maintain, as it
includes multiple implementations of the same algorithm in multiple

The important changes in this version are:

 - Actively developed;
 - New clean project repository containing only the C source code and
language wrappers;
 - Project files organized in structured directories;
 - Source-code cleanup, including the removal of unused code;
 - Fixed all compilation warnings and few bugs;
 - Fixed files permissions;
 - Source-code standard formatting;
 - Improved source-code test coverage over 90%;
 - Complete source-code documentation in Doxygen format;
 - Updated and extended the general project documentation;
 - Automatic versioning;
 - Automatic builds, test and reports via Makefile;
 - Windows cross compilation in Linux;
 - Automatic Docker environment for building and testing;
 - TravisCI configuration for CI automation.

The old incubator-milagro-crypto project is still required for legacy support.

Nicola Asuni

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