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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Fwd: IoT at the ASF -- ApacheCon and Project DOAPs [was: Does your project play in the IoT space?]
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2017 21:59:27 GMT
Apologies if you're receiving this twice. However, I wanted to give
ComDev a headsup
that I'll be helping put together an Apache IoT track at ApacheCON in Miami. The
whole premise of the track will be "Not your gramps IoT" which means that unlike
IoT events that grew out of the embedded industry we're talking a very holistic,
system view on IoT. Our hope is that Apache IoT will be a meeting place for next
generation IoT 2.0 built by developer, for developers under the Apache Way
governance model.

ASF's breadth starts making a lot of sense when you consider what kind
of technology
is needed to build an end-to-end user experience in IoT 2.0: you start
at the edge,
you consider the gateways, go to a data center and end up on a client
mobile device.
All technology providers are now realizing that the key to success is
allowing developers
unprecedented ease of management and deployment of their business
logic all throughout
these layers. Just look at what Amazon is doing with Lambda on the
edge (Amazon's

The good news is that at ASF we've got all the building blocks
available to us in various
communities. So regardless of whether you're an Apache Mynewt
(incubating) developer
working on the far fringes of the edge, or you are a Apache Brooklyn
developer automating
microservices provisioning or you're plumbing data streams with Kafka,
NiFi or Geode or you're
analyzing that data with Hadoop or you're a Tomcat or httpd guru
facilitating the end-user
experience -- we all have pieces to contribute to the IoT 2.0 puzzle.

Please forward this message to the communities you know and let them
know to contact
me directly if they are interested in helping to organize our first
ever Apache IoT mini-conference.

And of course -- make sure to submit talks!


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From: Sally Khudairi <>
Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 6:10 PM
Subject: IoT at the ASF -- ApacheCon and Project DOAPs [was: Does your
project play in the IoT space?]
To: ASF Marketing & Publicity <>

Hello ASF Members and PMCs (in blindcopy) --I hope you are all well.

Some of you may remember my email below from last year asking about
IoT. Thank you to everyone who responded.

The ASF's involvement in this space is growing, with new IoT projects
coming into the Apache Incubator building upon our foundation of more
than a dozen Apache projects (see list below: do let me know if your
project is missing). Also please see the corresponding NOTE re: DOAPs.

Earlier today, Rich Bowen (ASF VP Conferences) sent a note to ASF
Members about ApacheCon's evolution towards subject-related focus and
standalone tracks (e.g. "Apache Big Data" vs. "The Hadoop Track" <g>).
Also today I published the new positioning for ApacheCon

In response to Rich's email, Roman Shaposhnik suggested we hold an IoT
track, referencing innovations such as Apache Mynewt (incubating).
Several Members have stepped up to offer help with planning. We are
very excited about the enthusiastic response!

Rich and I also spoke with one of the heads of IoTFuse, a 501(c)(3)
organization that connects developers with the C-suite on all things
IoT. They are the largest group of its kind in the US, and are holding
their third annual conference in April --they're anticipating 1,000
attendees (up from 200 the first year).

ApacheCon and IoTFuse will be cross-promoting events as Community
Partners. IoTFuse will take place 21 April at the Minneapolis
Convention Center; their CFP closes on 3 February. We suggest
submitting talks to both IoTFuse and ApacheCon (CFP closes 11

They are also offering us the opportunity to have a booth to have an
in-person presence at the event as well. Gold Star to Apache Mynewt's
James Pace for liaising the introduction to IoTFuse!

Here's the checklist of how you can help:

 - ASAP: Can you participate in the ApacheCon IoT track? (Activities
include submitting presentations, helping planning, securing sponsors,
being an event "ambassador"/spokesperson, etc. --whatever you can do
is helpful). If so, please contact Roman <>

 - ASAP: Can you represent the ASF at the IoTFuse booth? If so, please
contact Sally <>

 - 3 Feb: Submit a presentation proposal for IoTFuse

 - 11 Feb: Submit a presentation proposal for ApacheCon

 - 21 Apr: Host the Apache booth at IoTFuse (single day) + attend the
event in MSP

 - 15-18 May: Join us at ApacheCon in MIA!

For those projects _not_ in the IoT space but want to hold such a
track at a future ApacheCon, please contact Rich and the ApacheCon
planning team <>

Thanks in advance for your consideration and help. We look forward to
hearing from you!

Warm regards,

= = =

IoT-related Apache projects (NOTE: none of these are listed under the
"IoT" category at
--that's because there isn't one. Who can help me create a new
category so we can get our projects' DOAPs properly classified?)

 - Cassandra
 - Calcite (thank you, Julian Hyde, for explaining that Big Data being
the “first shot” of IoT, as mobile phones containing sensors generated
all that data)
 - Spark
 - Phoenix
 - Derby
 - Storm
 - Qpid
 - SIS
 - Ignite
 - ActiveMQ
 - Karaf
 - CouchDB
 - DeviceMap
 - NiFi
 - Mynewt (incubating)
 - iota (incubating)
 - Edgent (incubating)
 - ...who else?

= = = = =
vox +1 617 921 8656
gvox +1 646 598 4616
skype sallykhudairi

From: Sally Khudairi <>
To: ASF Marketing & Publicity <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 12:01 PM
Subject: Does your project play in the IoT space?

Hello PMCs (in bcc) --I trust you are all well!

A quick ping to see how many Apache projects play in/near/around the
IoT (Internet of Things) space.

At ApacheCon last week, I spoke with several projects and podlings
that are in this sector and I'd like to highlight our activities with
those analysts covering this suddenly "white hot" space.

Whilst much of this might seem obvious internally, it may not be clear
to those outside the Apache community.

To that end, if your project does play a role here, do let me know:

 1) name of project

 2) category (library, Big Data, database, network-server, etc.) --if
unsure, check out
If incorrect, fix it <g>

 3) what does your project do? Again, check out your DOAP at to ensure consistency

 4) do you play/connect/integrate/enable other Apache projects? If so,
which one(s)?

 5) do you play/connect/integrate/enable with non-Apache products? If
so, which one(s) and HOW?

 6) are there similar/other solutions to your project? If so, what
makes your project stand out from the rest?

Also, please let me know if you're interested in participating in any
media/analyst briefings that may result from our pitching.

Thanking you in advance,

= = = = =
vox +1 617 921 8656
gvox +1 646 598 4616
skype sallykhudairi

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