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From "A. Soroka" <>
Subject contributions and their lifecycle
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2017 22:27:48 GMT
Just a quick question for anyone who wants to answer or has any advice:

Other than the obvious Apache-wide conditions (proper measures for intellectual property,
etc.), does anyone have examples of policies for accepting and maintaining (code) contributions
to a project? I am thinking here about the kinds of conditions that must obtain for a piece
of code to remain viable.

For example, in a (non-Apache) project with which I am involved, any contribution must have
at least two committers ready to take responsibility for it. If at any time after contribution
of a module, that stops being the case, that module starts moving on a road to being deprecated
out of the mainline codebase into ancillary curation (a process that can stop and reverse
at any time if more committers are willing to join in). 

So I'm looking for examples of similar conditions to meet for contributions to be accepted,
simple rules to measure commitment and community, and on the other end of the lifecycle, examples
of conditions that decide when a piece of a project has lost vitality and should be excised
from the responsibilities that all committers share.

Thanks for any examples, pointers, experiences, thoughts to ponder!

A. Soroka
Apache Jena

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