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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject Re: Joining the Apache Foundation
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2017 14:33:07 GMT
The ASF is for the community, i.e. community over code.  It’s benefits are numerous and include:

- high-quality infra, e.g. issue tracking, automated testing, code scanning, mailing lists,
IRC, binary and source distribution, etc.
- project mentorship, ASF is packed with folks that understand how open source projects work.
 Your knowledge will lifted to their level.
- diversity, i.e. not just one company / individual responsible for the project.  This mitigates
the ‘bus factor’ and brings new blood / ideas in. 
- exposure There are conferences, notifications, websites, etc.
- community focus / values.

This is just a small sampling of benefits.  I am sure if you looked, you would find blogs,
podcasts and more containing testimonials from others.

Good luck,

> On Jan 19, 2017, at 7:33 AM, wrote:
> What are the advantages of joining the Apache Foundation?
> Yes, I've read the pages on your website, but I don't understand how a project would
benefit from joining the Foundation apart from using the organization infrastructure. Since
a project is required to grow a community (from the incubator) before becoming an "official"
Apache project, I could as well just do the work and rent a VM to host everything, or use
other websites that host code/trackers/mailing-lists for free. There is actually a drawback
from joining the community: all code becomes licensed to the Apache Foundation under the Apache
> I see why an abandoned project would benefit from this, as it could get a new life instead
of dying because nobody cares about it anymore... but what about other, active projects? Who
is the Apache Foundation for?
> At moment, I want my privacy to be protected.
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