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Subject Joining the Apache Foundation
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2017 13:33:39 GMT
What are the advantages of joining the Apache Foundation?
Yes, I've read the pages on your website, but I don't understand how a 
project would benefit from joining the Foundation apart from using the 
organization infrastructure. Since a project is required to grow a 
community (from the incubator) before becoming an "official" Apache 
project, I could as well just do the work and rent a VM to host everything, 
or use other websites that host code/trackers/mailing-lists for free. There 
is actually a drawback from joining the community: all code becomes 
licensed to the Apache Foundation under the Apache License.
I see why an abandoned project would benefit from this, as it could get a 
new life instead of dying because nobody cares about it anymore... but what 
about other, active projects? Who is the Apache Foundation for?

At moment, I want my privacy to be protected.

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