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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: proposal for a GSoC post-mortem survey
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 13:09:00 GMT
Ulrich Stärk wrote on 12/6/16 3:59 AM:
> Hi ComDev community,
> since I believe that measuring two data points only to measure the success of programs
like GSoC in
> building communities is going to do more harm than good, I want to propose a post-mortem
survey that
> hopefully captures a more complete picture. Here is my first proposal, let's discuss.

This sounds like an excellent addition to our already excellent GSoC

Separately, are we allowed to (by GSoC rules), and would it be
practical, to do a short survey for exiting GSoC *students*, or even for
last year's students?  Along with capturing some data, it feels like it
would be a good way for the ASF to try to maintain a relationship with
the student (if they want to; if they ignore us that's fine too).

> Cheers,
> Uli
> Please specify the name of the student you mentored (free text)
Why don't we ask for Apache ID?  That way we could do commit analysis if
we wanted to.

> Do *you* consider GSoC 2016 a success for your project? (yes/no)
> Why or why not? (free text)

For several questions: Should we try to capture somewhat structured
data, instead of boolean/free text?  I'd suggest the "success" use
Likert scale or some similar degree question instead of boolean.

"Why or why not?" could be two questions: a "type" and then a free text:
- Why was this valuable?
-- Added new module/functionality to your project
-- Added useful new code to your project
-- Spurred useful discussion about new code
-- Added useful documentation, tests, or other things
-- Created proof of concept that helped move project forward
...Or some general areas that might be helpful.

> Do you feel your time spent was worth it? (very high value for time spent:very low value
for time spent)
> Did the student stick around after GSoC concluded? (yes and still is, yes briefly, no)
> Has the student been voted in as a committer or PMC member (yes/no)
> Does the student's code live on? (as a separate module, as part of the project's codebase,
no, other
> - please specify)
> Should we continue participating in GSoC on a foundation level? (yes/no)
Definitely make this one an agreement scale, not boolean.

> If no, why not?
> Would you mentor a GSoC student again? (yes, no, under the following circumstances -
please specify)
> Please specify your Apache ID if you would be willing to discuss your answers further.
(free text)

Thanks, excellent way to structure the survey.

- Shane

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