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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: Xenophobia in the light of President-Elect Trump
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2016 18:32:51 GMT
Rich is correct.


On 12/30/16, 10:29 AM, "Rich Bowen" <> wrote:

    On 12/29/2016 08:20 AM, Gavin Mabie wrote:
    > Hi Community
    > Should the community come out clearly rejecting the Trump xenophobic
    > policies? Given the fact that community members comprise all cultures,
    > religions and geographies?
    No. We should not make any political statements of this kind.
    It's cool for us to make statements about what we believe, but
    endorsing, or attacking, particular politicians is not only contrary to
    our non-profit standing, but there are individuals within our community
    who are supporters of the president-elect, and who voted for him. Do we
    reject those people from our community because we disagree with their
    political leanings?
    We are not a political organization, and we must not become one.
    Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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