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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: What's the plan? What are we here for?
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:06:49 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote on 12/5/16 12:54 PM:
> As has been discussed elsewhere, we don't have a clear idea of what
> we're here for. I believe we need to fix that.


- Specific proposals - especially things that can be written down as
draft text on a webpage - always work better.  Why not start a new draft
"ComDev Project Goals" page on the website, so it's simpler for people
to submit specific patches.

- In a non-code project, one of the hardest issues to deal with (at
least for me) is working through negative or non-supportive feedback.
Earlier, it felt like some people had new good ideas about docs, but
were also saying that other people should stop what they're doing, and
work on the docs first.  That feels like "getting in the way", although
I realize now that it was just how I interpreted the tone, and not the
real message.

I guess this is just a call for all of us to not get in other energetic
volunteer's ways.  We all have great ideas, now the trick is to help or
at least allow some of us to actually implement those ideas - perhaps as
draft goals to start with, but to let Rich make progress here (and Uli
to make progress on the GSoC agreement and survey).

Just because someone else has a different idea doesn't mean that Rich
shouldn't also go forward with his idea, for example, and vice-versa.
This is not a zero-sum game, and unless someone's idea is actively
hurting the project's efforts, let's try to say "Yes, but..." instead of
"No, not like that..." more.  8-)

Rich, I'm definitely +1 for you to organize this and put it on the
website for the PMC to - over some time - tweak and better publicize.

- Shane

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