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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: was shutdown - can we remove links?
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2016 14:41:46 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote on 12/14/16 8:45 AM:
> Yeah, there's no absolutely reason for this to have SLA uptime guarantees.
> Also, it seems like something that ComDev should care about. In
> particular, I would be glad to be responsible for the service. And we
> could even put it on the VM, so that no new VMs
> need to be spun up.

+1 all around.  I would love to see doing the
auto-aggregation for any committers who opt-in, and to let committers
know about it.

> So far as puppet, I know absolutely zero, but am willing to learn and/or
> get out of the way, as necessary. I'd really like to resurrect this
> service, if we can. I don't have a *lot* of extra time right now, but I
> think I have enough time to poke at Venus every few weeks and encourage
> committers and members to update their entries in the config file.

After the holidays I'm done giving new talks at conferences, so I hope
to be able to at least help document these kinds of setups, so that
ComDev can do a better job of maintaining them.

It sounds like if Sam can draft the code for puppet/original setup of
Venus on a ComDev VM (same as feathercast seems fine, unless I'm missing
something about VM performance) I can assist Rich in finishing app
configuration and bringing over any still-live blog entries, etc.

Serious Puppet skills are likely to remain rare outside of infra, but
once something is running with a default config - and we have a
consistent place to document ComDev tools - it feels like we'll succeed
now with our new energy.

- Shane

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