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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject GSoC: What can we learn from it?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:10:42 GMT
I'd like to propose that for GSoC and other such events, we analyze
participation before, after and way after GSoC with the goal of becoming
better at utilizing this event to improve community development, not
only within projects, but also on a broader ASF-wide scale.

If possible, I would love for us to split this into the following sections:

- Pre-participation, for projects:
 - How many projects are involved in GSoC (and over time)
 - How many are aware of it (and are or aren't participating)
 - Why do projects think GSoC is a valuable resource

- Pre-participation, for students:
 - How did you learn about $project
 - What do you know about the ASF
 - What motivated you to apply for GSoC

Post-participation, for projects:
 - Did you feel the dev outcome of GSoC was valuable?
 - ditto, but on a community scale?
 - What could have gone better?
 - What went really well?
 - How can ComDev help next time?

Post-participation, for students:
 - How was your overall experience with GSoC?
 - How was your experience with the project community?
 - Do you feel you know more about the project and the ASF?
 - What could have been handled better?

.....then maybe a year later, see if they are still active, and if so,
what they are doing now.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

With regards,

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