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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Encouraging Diversity - Update 6
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2016 17:30:07 GMT

On 11/15/16, 9:03 AM, "Patricia Shanahan" <> wrote:

>That should be "example of undesirable behavior". One could obviously
>write a rule that prohibits using words with more than three syllables
>in e-mails.

Personally, I don't think "rules", "standards" and "policies" are in play
here.  The CoC describes what is truly out-of-bounds, but I generally
agree with Noah that there is a lot of stuff that is in-bounds that still
makes participating at Apache an uncomfortable and/or unhappy experience.
But I can't imagine ever achieving consensus on codifying what that is.

I don't think most cultures ever do codify such a thing. I haven't seen a
set of rules for the US or Japan.  I think cultures socially encourage and
discourage certain behavior to reach a certain result.  I would like to
welcome Noah back, and am saddened that some of these emails could easily
be seen as unwelcoming by many people, including myself.  Apache mailing
lists often feel like  one of those bars in the rough part of town that I
am too chicken to go into.  Obviously, enough people frequent those bars
to keep them in business so they aren't violating any rules.  I just wish
Apache mailing lists were more like family-friendly restaurants.  If an
11-year-old hot-shot coder wanted to participate in an ASF project, I
would feel compelled to warn them and his/her parents that the tone on
many mailing lists is not family-friendly.  I wish I didn't feel that way.
 I don't understand why it has to be this way.


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