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From Alan Gates <>
Subject My keynote from Apache Big Data on Hortonworks internal Apache training
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 15:34:25 GMT

As those who were at Apache Big Data in Seville saw, I gave a keynote there where I discussed
Hortonworks doing internal training on Apache.  Rich suggested that I might want to bring
this conversation to the comdev list, hence this email.

I’m happy to share the contents of the training on the community website if people think
that will be useful.  You can see the slides from the keynote at [1] and the slides from our
training at [2].  The training covers Apache and the Apache way, a little bit about licenses
and the Apache license, why Hortonworks chooses to work with Apache, how our employees should
handle their dual roles as Hortonworkers and Apache community members, a set of best practices
and things to avoid, and a brief discussion of trademarks.  

Several others have said their companies need something similar.  If you find them useful
you’re free to use our slides as starting point, and I’m happy to share insights from
our experience.


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