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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Need some Information on IBM's CCLA with ASF
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:39:59 GMT
On 23/09/2016 07:40, Sudarshan Jagadale wrote:
> Hi ASF team,
> I am designated employee of IBM.
> We are working on IMPALA project, contributing since it was with cloudera.
> We would like to continue contribution with Impala (Under apache now).
> IBM must have signed CCLA with apache foundation. So just would like to
> know if it is signed or not? can you provide copy of that CCLA?
> Also would like to know if we have to sign CCLA for each project on Apache
> or just one CCLA done with ASF is sufficient to contribute to any ASF
> software?

For the official position see

There is no requirement for a CCLA to be signed. The only requirement
that the ASF has in this area is that each committer signs an ICLA and
then abides by it.

For various reasons, the ability of a committer to contribute may be
restricted as a result of their employment. Where this is the case, the
employer signing a CCLA is just one option of many an employer may use
to lift some or all of those restrictions. Other options include
amendments to employment contracts or a letter explicitly granting
permission. Over the course of my involvement with the ASF I have used
all of these at various times with different employers.

The ASF treats all CCLAs and ICLAs as confidential. Therefore, our
default position is to neither confirm nor deny the existence of a CCLA
from any given company. Nor will we provide copies on request.

CCLAs are either for all employees or for named individuals. They are
not project specific.

My recommendation would be that you reach out internally at IBM either
to other ASF folks to see how they handled this or to HR/Legal to see
what - if anything - is required.

Given the number of people contributing to Apache projects that, based
on their email address, are employed by IBM, I'm sure this is a solvable

Kind regards,


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