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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Encouraging Diversity - Update 2
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:21:47 GMT
Hi Everyone

Another update for you.  Last week I had a call with Angie Chang from Hackbright Academy.
They focus on training women in software engineering.

The main points from the call are as follows: 

- Hackbright maintain an alumnae mailing list which could be used to send them relevant announcements
or information. This could be a useful medium for passing on any ASF related announcements

- The ASF has currently 17 projects that involve Python programming and this could be a good
way for their students to gain experience working in a team on an open source software project.

- Most of their students look for work after they have graduated and don't want their skills
to fade so contributing to ASF projects could fill this gap and also improve their understanding
of open source and open source communities 
- Hackbright are keen for the ASF to do a webinar / webcast that covers an introduction to
the Apache plus a brief summary of each the Python related projects. If the webinar can capture
the passion and enthusiasm of being involved in Apache, then it could motivate their alumnae
to find out more about becoming involved 
- Hackbright could be interested in becoming a Media or Community Partner for Apachecon
- Hackbright would like to know about the availability of ASF Speakers in the San Francisco
area to speak at their events. They would be particularly interested in knowing about Apache
female speakers especially for their Hackathon events. 

There were a few action points that came out of the call that are now being progressed. 

1. List of ASF news and announcements – I will follow up with Sally about this
2. Becoming a Media / Community Partner – They are already in contact with the Linux
Foundation about Apachecon.
3. List of Available Speakers / Mentors - I will check the ComDev list of speakers and forward
them the details of any ASF speakers in the San Francisico area
4. Creation of Webinar / Webcast - I'm currently talking to Sally about putting the webinar
together and we may need to contact the Python related Apache projects for their input and
That's the update for now.


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