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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Lapel pins for the community
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2016 14:40:52 GMT
Hi, all;
One of my "eccentricities" is that I love to collect really cool lapel
pins to wear on my cap. As many have heard during the lightning talks at
ACNA, I also love this community. As I contemplated these two loves of
mine (because we all do that, right?) I thought... why not combine them?
So I did! ... and I want to share the results with the community.

I worked with a lapel pin manufacturer to design and make 200 screen
printed, silver colored, brass lapel pins [1]. They are .75 inches tall
and feature the new Apache feather. The lapel pins are covered in a
coating to help protect the gradient goodness. Each comes in a totally
uninteresting little plastic bag.

The cool part is... you can have one! Just send me a self addressed,
postage paid envelope. Since I live in the USA, be sure postage is
proper for USPS or your international parcel carrier can be dropped in
standard mail and make to back to you. For lack of a better way to
protect my personal address, you can grab it from SVN in the comdev
private committer tree [2] (stashed away in a comment toward the
bottom). I will keep the link updated with the general number of
remaining pins as I go minus a small reserve so envelops have time to
get to me.

FWIW, my cost for the lapel pins was $1.67 USD each. You are certainly
welcome to stuff your envelope with something to offset costs/time like
other cool lapel pins, money, tech stickers, an autographed photo, a
comic strip from your local paper, a half eaten piece of bread... or
don't. Whatever - it's about the community, not me. My only requirement
is the self addressed postage paid envelope to keep it easy for me to
drop it back in the mail.

If this becomes very popular, I will work with Melissa to make it
something official and sustainable, but for now it's just me so I
appreciate patience if it takes me a little extra time to get your pin
out in the mail. Also, I understand that folks may be concerned about
privacy. I can assure you I am not interested in keeping or cataloguing
your meatspace address. As a geek, your private key or write access to
your browser's trust store is more interesting :-)

Can someone please forward this over to members@ since I'm unable to
send there?

I've signed this message with my pgp key. If a meatspace transaction for
lapel pins verifying my name/physical address is enough for you, please
consider signing my key when you receive your pin so we can keep growing
our web of trust.


Daniel Ruggeri

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