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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Adding Missing wiki pages for projects!
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 14:16:38 GMT
On Sun, 22 May 2016, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 21/05/2016 04:02, Syed Gardezi wrote:
>> I wanted to setup wiki pages for these projects. I wanted to ask what 
>> will be the minimal data/fields/entries/coloum_names that would be 
>> required for the wiki page of a project.
> That is more a question for wikipedia. From our point of view, anything
> is better than nothing as long as it is accurate. If you write something
> on behalf of the project, I'd recommend getting the project to review it.

Given the open nature of Wikipedia, I'd probably suggest simply sending 
the project a link to the page when it's created. They can then make any 
edits they want, eg if something about the project was misunderstood, but 
without volunteers being blocked awaiting a project's "blessing"

When we added the page for Apache Tika (the lack of which inspired this 
help-wanted task!), we did get a little bit of push-back from experienced 
wikipedians until we added all the categories, info-boxes, citations etc. 
It might be worth asking on a suitable Wikipedia forum (the talk page for 
the ASF category perhaps?) for confirmation of the "viable minimum", to 
make sure we abide by the wikipedia community norms on this sort of thing.


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