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From Martin Desruisseaux <>
Subject Re: SHA512 by default for GPG sigs
Date Thu, 19 May 2016 16:45:04 GMT
+0 on my side. Seems a good thing, but I may not master all the aspects.


Le 18/05/16 à 13:45, Christopher a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm not sure a better list to get feedback on, but I wanted to bring
> attention to the proposal here:
> Essentially this is a suggestion to configure the maven-gpg-plugin to sign
> using SHA512 as its digest algorithm in the ASF Parent POM, used by many
> Maven/Java-based projects within ASF. This configuration takes affect
> during software releases when this plugin is activated (typically prior to
> a release candidate vote, and staging a release in Nexus for distribution
> to Maven Central).
> This would only affect the hash algorithm used to generate GPG signatures
> for releases, and not any separate SHA/MD hashes published separately by
> any project, which can be weaker (SHA1, MD5) for convenience, and don't
> convey the strong authenticity statement that digital signatures provide.
> For background, gpg uses SHA1 by default, unless the signing key or gpg
> configuration has a preference to use another algorithm (as described on
> This proposed configuration change wouldn't force the use of SHA512 (it
> could still be overridden by a project), but it would make it the default,
> which helps improve the security of releases in the case where release
> managers have failed to keep their configuration up-to-date with the best
> recommendations for using gpg.
> Thoughts? +1s? Discuss here or on the JIRA please.
> Thank you.

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