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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: cross-project communication space?
Date Thu, 12 May 2016 16:52:28 GMT

On 05/12/2016 09:20 AM, William A Rowe Jr wrote:
> What committee is responsible for such lists?
> I think community itself is a good choice, parking these lists within
> geospatial-dev@community.a.o would better reflect that relationship.

I was talking with someone about this - George Percivall, I believe -
and the intent is that such a list would be promoted to the Geospatial
communities, who are largely outside of Apache, to engage them in the
discussion happening here. As such, the simplest possible email address
has the benefit of people remembering it when it appears on slides at
other Geospatial conferences.  geospatial-dev@community.a.o is quite a

> Cheers,
> Bill
> On May 12, 2016 10:47 AM, "Rich Bowen" <> wrote:
>> On 05/12/2016 08:01 AM, Sergio Fernández wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> as part of the discussions we have had these days in Vancouver, some of
>> the
>>> projects involved in the Geospatial track of the conference (mainly SIS
>> and
>>> Marmotta) we have been discussing that we'd like to have a common space
>>> where discussing about common things. So far I do no see such common
>> space
>>> for other topics.
>>> A geospatial@a.o mailing list could serve that purpose, as well as an
>> entry
>>> point for other communities (OGC, Eclipse LocationTech, etc).
>>> So, after discussing it with some folks here, I feel like bringing it up
>>> here is a good way to figure out how we can materialize such idea.
>>> Thanks in advance for all your feedback.
>> This absolutely needs to happen, and I applaud you for making it happen.
>> As Ross says, you can open a ticket with Infra, but I'll bet that if one
>> of you who is here in Vancouver approaches one of the Infra guys, you
>> can make it happen even faster. They're awesome and helpful.
>> I would also love to see some of our other project groups do a similar
>> thing. It's also a great point of engagement for people that are new to
>> our projects, who understand the technology areas, but aren't familiar
>> with individual project names..
>> The question that I would have would be where we can most effectively
>> promote these cross-project lists. I presume that each participating
>> project would list it on their mailing lists pages, but we'd also want
>> to have them on Where else?
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