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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] Volunteers needed, Audio processing
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 14:50:31 GMT

On 05/05/2016 09:27 AM, Shane Curcuru wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote on 5/5/16 8:34 AM:
>> Hi Rich,
>> How much is the sponsorship for this?  And, given the lack of external
>> sponsors, why don't we (ASF) just sponsor it given what a great
>> support/service it'd be to our projects and their communities?
> That's actually a great question.
> There is a clear value to having at least keynote/major talks recorded
> for posterity.  But given that, why haven't we (or rather, LF) been able
> to find a sponsor to pay for this?  There's a clear sponsor prospectus:

I don't think the question of *why* we haven't found a sponsor for one
particular item is really one that has a simple answer. This (lack of
recording) has been an issue for the last 6 or 7 events, at least, and
so far nobody has seen fit to kick in the extra $$ for this.

When there is a need to cut things from the budget, that's one of the
first to go. So unless we have more sponsors for the event, it doesn't
seem that we're really going to want to fund that item rather than some
other things.

You could say that the ASF *is* sponsoring this, in the sense that we
kicked in $$ for the recording equipment, which I will be bringing to
the event. And I am now asking for volunteer effort to do post-production.

> Of course, the actual prospectus is behind a login, so I
> guess you have to be a salesforce kind of person to see it. 8-(

Or, you just have to ask.

> On the larger level:
> - How can we better showcase the value of having recordings/audio?  Do
> we have actual viewing numbers from past conferences showing demand?

> - How can we better assist sponsorship of things at ApacheCon
> ApacheBigData without conflicting with ASF Sponsorships?

If you've got leads, speak up now. There's 2 days left before it's too late.

In the months leading up to ApacheCon EU, mention to your employers that
this is a need for sponsors. Help get the word out about the event when
the announcements are made. The social media followers of this list of
people should be sufficient to greatly amplify the message that LF is
sending out. But, at least this time around, it was primarily me, Sally,
and Shane, with a smattering here and there of others, getting the word out.

Sure, this isn't our job. It's LF's job to promote the event. But there
are certainly things we can do to amplify the message. Blog about it.
Write articles for various publications. Take lots of photos next week
and post them prominent places.

And, above all, tell your dev@ and users@ lists that they should be
there. This last thing is where, I think, we are missing a HUGE
opportunity that LF doesn't really have access to.

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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