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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Hadoop Summit 2016 dates
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2016 15:42:14 GMT
On 09/04/2016 15:44, Owen O'Malley wrote:
> Mark,
>   Yahoo and Hortonworks have been running Hadoop Summits continually since
> 2008. There is absolutely no one on that
> doesn't know about them. Furthermore, Hadoop Summit is very Apache focused
> using a diverse program committee, free meet ups around the event, and it
> is the only professional Hadoop conference that provided all 130 Hadoop
> committers free access this year.

No-one is questioning any of the above. However, the process as
documented in [1] is that permission needs to be requested to use ASF
marks for each event.

>  I remind the Hadoop Summit organizers each year to send concom and the
> Linux Foundation the dates as they are planned. I believe they did, but I'm
> not watching those lists. I didn't know that you wanted the dates here as
> well and I rectified that when I realized it. You probably also want to put
> in the dates for Hadoop World, which is organized by O'Reily.

I did some digging in the mail archives and an e-mail was received by
concom early in March and a reply was sent on the same day pointing to
[1] as the new process and highlighting the need to contact trademarks.

I have checked the archives for both the ASF-wide and Hadoop specific
trademarks list and no e-mails have been received by either of those
lists requesting permission to the use the relevant ASF marks for Hadoop
Summit 2016.

There may well be agreements in place covering Hadoop Summit 2016 that
provide the necessary approvals but my searching of the archives has not
found them. Pointers to any such agreements (off-list if the locations
are private please) would be appreciated. Ditto for Hadoop World.

I do not believe we should be adding any events to the official ASF
calendar until we can confirm that the appropriate permissions have been
requested and received.



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