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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: Apache/Linux foundation outreach?
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2016 22:54:54 GMT
On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 12:55 AM, Tamao <> wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> I hope things went well with your accountant

The process hasn't converged yet, but I think we're getting there!

> and thanks again for thinking of me regarding the Linux Foundation.

Of course!

> I've been working on a crepes recipe since our crepe lunch. (a healthier no-sugar version
> that can be gluten free too, although it is a little more challenging to flip). I don't
hold back
> on the butter though and I think that's what keeps it tasty.

Do I sense an invitation here? ;-)

> By the way I wanted to reach out to people who are working on building open source communities
> to see if they would be interested in attending I was wondering if the
Apache Foundation,
> Linux Foundation, or other groups that you know would be willing to have Community sponsor
> (with logos and such on our site and signage) in exchange for sending out an email to
its list about

This would be a perfect question to ask on (I
think you need to be subscribed
to be able to post -- for that just send an empty email to

I can help take it from there.

> I think it would be relevant for people who are working on building their communities
to hear from experts who
> have built, grown, and nurtured open source or tech communities at our event. What do
you think?

Totally! In fact, if you want somebody to present on the "Apache Way" governance
model and how it is proving to be one of the most successful ways of
growing developer
communities you know the guy. That would be the same guy who right
about now craves
your crepes ;-)


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