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From Woonsan Ko <>
Subject Re: Help Wanted! (it's a title, not a request!)
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 18:23:21 GMT
Really cool! I love it!



On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 11:01 AM, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
> Hi ComDev folks! Ramblings incoming :)
> As an aside to the 'Guiding volunteers' thread, I was talking with Rich
> (Bowen) while he was at DevConf this weekend, and we got to thinking
> whether it was possible to make a tiny tool that would solve one
> specific issue we often come across when someone says "I know X, Y and Z
> - What can I do to help Apache?".
> Traditionally, we've said "subscribe to our mailing list (which one?!)"
> or "Go look at JIRA/BugZilla", which in itself is fine, but off-putting
> to many people as we don't actively use neither MLs or bug trackers to
> advertise what we want done, and what tech/person skills would be
> helpful where (we're terrible!). Furthermore, it is our
> opinion/assessment that bug trackers are not that great from a "skills
> -> tasks" perspective. While great for bugs and larger tasks for an
> existing audience, they don't provide the right overview or search
> features that one could want, and keeping some sort of uniform setup for
> these tasks across the ASF is going to be a LOT of work.
> ...If only we had somewhere someone could just go and say "I'm great at
> marketing and documentation, what tasks are there that I can do?" and
> then get 10 different requests across 6 projects, some that you could
> start on right away and some that require more intimate knowledge with
> the project.
> ...Or the experienced C/Python programmer that wants to know which tasks
> at Apache they could hack on as a good introduction to that project,
> while at the same time helping the project accomplish something new.
> ...Oh, and wouldn't it be nifty if we could have a widget we could place
> on our web site that lists what we as a project or foundation are
> looking for right now in terms of work to be done, so when people visit
> our page, they can see that "hey, we're looking for a web dev guru - is
> that you?" ?
> Enter 'Help Wanted!'. It's a very small (and very much work-in-progress)
> tool that you can use to browse the tasks that all the Apache projects
> would like to get done, see the difficulty of it, language (whether
> spoken/written or programming) skills needed, what it's about and
> who/how to contact. You can also use the HW widget to plug your own
> project's requests into your web site, or you can display all the
> current tasks waiting in the system across the ASF. 350+ initiatives,
> 170+ TLPs, one uniform hub for requests that can help people get started
> with Apache.
> The code is "live" at:
> A test widget is here:
> (the test widget shows what it could look like on the httpd site)
> It's open for all committers to go set up new tasks (universal commit
> bit, so to speak, just click on 'edit tasks'), and we hope it will be a
> hub for putting people on the right path - whether that be a pointer to
> JIRA, ML etc - to contributing to our projects. Or it'll crash and burn
> and we'll never speak of it again :)
> Contributions, feedback, quality control etc are MOST WELCOME, and we're
> only getting started with the proof-of-concept right now (as found in
> svn). Hopefully we'll have something stable and polished by the end of
> February? :)
> With regards,
> Daniel.
> PS: Yes, I know the admin area is a stylistic nightmare. That'll be
> fixed...eventually! And the task guide needs a LOT of work. Saying
> "contact the dev list" isn't enough, but I'll need a word smith for that :)

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