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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Adding asfext:registered to projects.a.o?
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 18:27:07 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote on 2/11/16 12:28 PM:
> On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 11:35 AM, sebb <> wrote:
>> On 11 February 2016 at 12:03, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
>>> I need to annotate our structured data set of Apache projects to track
>>> which project names are registered trademarks.  This is needed to be
>>> able to properly generate a.o/foundation/marks/list ...


>> Therefore I think a separate file is needed.
>> That would also allow write access to be limited if necessary.
> There are indeed multiple ways to solve this, and each way involves a tradeoff.
> I would suggest separating this question into three parts.
> - - -
> First, where is the ultimate source for the data.  And the best way to
> address that question is to first decide who will be updating that
> data.  Will it be each project, or those on the branding mailing list,
> or only VP brand?  Knowing the answer to that question will make a big
> difference.
> My suggestion would be to start simple with a single file, in the same
> directory as committee-info.txt.  I'd suggest YAML as a format as it
> is a good tradeoff between human edit-ability and programmatic
> parse-ability.

The raw data of which TLP names are registered can be public; it's
already findable in various national registries.  I may want to add an
additional enum "application-submitted", but even that can be public.

Theoretically just the brand committee should update the file, but in
reality we can restrict to members; I don't think they'll mess anything up.

The file won't change that often, but changes will be manual (i.e. when
we hear from counsel about applications).

> - - -
> Next is access.  What you need is something that takes the data from
> the private repository, sanitizes it, and publishes the result for
> public consumption.  Whimsy has a bunch of cron jobs that places
> similar data here:  A script that
> parses a YAML file out of SVN, selects and filters out various parts,
> and publishes the results in JSON format is very doable.

It can go in a public repository if that makes it easier.  Of course,
this data isn't technically owned by any one project, so we need to find
a home for it, unless I should just dump it in the a.o site.

Is there any overall place for structured data about corporate
operations currently?
> ---
> Finally, there is publishing.  While that could be a cron job that
> produces static HTML, web browsers have the ability to consume JSON
> and format the results.  That's probably the best solution to this.

Thinking it through, we should fold this data into a number of places:

- The marks/list page, which needs to be regenerated each month after
the board meeting formally graduates or attics projects.  It likely has
low traffic to the page itself, but needs to be accurate, because
lawyers are the kind of people who will read it.

- projects.a.o, where it would be really nice to annotate project names
with the appropriate &reg; and &trade; symbols.  As this service becomes
more popular, having clear trademark indicators for our projects will
help ensure that third parties know (and can verify) that the ASF takes
it's trademarks seriously.

- www.a.o homepage, where whatever parts of the main site are generated
in any fashion include appropriate &reg; and &trade; symbols

I figure the first thing is to come up with schema and location of where
to put the source YAML/JSON file, then engineer the display into
marks/list or the main projects.a.o stuff.  Then see where to go from there.

> ---
> The Apache Phone book is an example of an application that uses the
> above design:
> In fact, if the data is made available in this manner, the trademark
> information could be included directly in the results of the page it
> produces.  That's one of the nice things about having a public JSON
> version of the data published - multiple tools can consume that data.

Yeah, the more of these useful sites we have, it would be nice to fold
this in so it just gets automatically included.  It's especially
important for registered marks, because some countries require use of
the (R).

- Shane

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