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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject FOSDEM summary
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2016 09:33:52 GMT
Hi folks (cc press@),

Thank you so much for an amazing FOSDEM last week!
This was the first time the ASF has had a presence as a foundation, but
even though this showed a bit, I think we had very productive
interactions with people (never a dull moment!) and showed them what the
ASF was about.

This was also the first time we had the opportunity to showcase our new
visual identity, which was very well received and was quite the talking
point in many a conversation.

I'd like to extend my most sincere thanks to especially Alexander
Bezzubov, Andrus Adamchik, Michael & Mechtilde Stehmann and Sharan
"Super Trouper" Foga for their tireless efforts at the booth. I'd also
like to thank Roman, Claude, Greg and Rich for lending a helping hand
when needed. We totaled 18 hours at the booth (plus setup) during the
two days (10 + 8) and spoke with...well, a LOT of people about the
foundation and its projects. We also had many interactions with other
foundations and companies about our project and theirs (and how they
could work together).

While I was mostly sitting _behind_ the booth, I also got the
opportunity to take a few photos of it, which can be seen at

As for swag, I am both pleased and surprised to say we managed to run
out completely _2 hours before FOSDEM ended!_. We gave away more than
800 powered-by stickers (760 or so), a few hundred project stickers, 40
t-shirts, 100 pens, 50 key chains, 200 fridge magnets, 50 beer coasters,
a few mugs and around 30 badges. We clearly need more swag for next

For the nicer items, we came up with a rule; "One conversation equals
one free item", which worked super well. Compared to other conferences,
even ApacheCon, we had a super busy booth, and only rarely had some free
time without anyone asking us a question about the foundation and/or
projects. We also had a nice cooperation going with the OpenOffice team,
who decided to stay for a bit longer (and thus fill some of the big
booth, so we didn't have to be 4 ASF people at it all the time, which
was nice).

As for the lessons learned, we definitely need to start organizing
earlier next time, and get more of the prominent projects to join us -
we especially had a lot of queries about Mesos and Spark at the
conference. We would also really appreciate it if the foundation could
send Melissa (or someone else) to be there in an official capacity.
Doing this strictly as volunteers made us a bit jumpy as to who will
watch over what if one has to go to a talk.

We also desperately need one or more brochures about the foundation and
its projects!!!

The giant ASF banner has been passed on to the Stehmanns and will be
used in other conferences in Europe.

With regards,

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