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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 09:39:02 GMT
Daniel Gruno wrote:
> We have been granted a 2-table stand (the biggest they could offer) at
> FOSDEM to represent the ASF and its projects.

Good news! The OpenOffice booth request (which had been sent as a 
backup, with the explicit indication that it should be ignored if the 
ASF one was approved) was merged with this one.

> As we'll have several projects to showcase this time around, we will
> have to figure out some sort of rotation, in which the ASF itself has
> one table at all times, and $project has the other table for N hours at
> a time.

FOSDEM is a bit chaotic (in a good sense) by nature, so I don't think we 
need to really allocate hours to projects. If you wish, sure we can; but 
we might also be happy being there as one group, that's the fun part of it.

> This would be an excellent time for projects who wish to be present at
> FOSDEM to put themselves on the list at

I still need write access to that page despite several requests (even in 
this same thread). If access is problematic (user pescetti, mail my mail) and a text-based version of the page is available, I 
can submit patches, but I have no idea how it can work for Confluence.


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