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Subject Is there an "official" Apache Way presentation?
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2015 16:04:29 GMT
Hi, all;
    As mentioned a long while back, I'm putting together content for a 
potential class about open source at the local university. As a primer 
for the class, I'll be giving a talk on Thursday and I would like to 
include a "The Apache Way" presentation. I've seen lots of these, but 
they have all been different with the speakers' own flare added. I know 
that Nick put together his presentation at ACNA2015 with input from 
several others' [1], but I'm not aware of a "canonical" presentation. 
Does such a thing exist? Should such a thing exist?

If the respective answers are no and yes, I'll be happy to produce a 
deck for the talk on Thursday and put it in the slide store [2].

Other thoughts/comments welcome


Daniel Ruggeri

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