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From Boku Customer Support <>
Subject [Boku Customer Support] - 20769217 - My VIP application
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 14:15:17 GMT
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We have provided a solution for your issue. Please take a moment to review your ticket and
feel free to reply to reopen it if you have further questions:


Magdalena, Oct 7, 03:15

Hello Elena,

Thank you for your email.

Please bear in mind that our company is called Boku ( and we are a mobile
billing system. We cooperate with different game and service providers in cases when a user
makes mobile payments but we do not develop or distribute any applications. If you believe
that you were charged for a purchase made through our billing system, please share with us
you mobile number and country prefix, so we can check it for you. If you are located in Macedonia,
we can confirm that we don't support this country and its mobile carriers, therefore we believe
that we won't show any records with your mobile number once provided.

Please verify the email address you wanted actually to contact regarding your case. We are
sorry to hear about your issue and hope you can contact the correct email address to the developers
of the application you mentioned in your email.

Kind regards,
The Customer Support Team


Dev, Oct 7, 02:02

Good afternoon all 
I'm writing this mail to your company  because I did not get a proper answer from the company
that you made the app for ,MY VIP APPLICATION.
I'm writing for an app that was created by your company for a Macedonian telephone operator
called VIP. 
The app that they promote to their users is complete mess, they promote online Payments within
the app but the truth is that is not enough developed. 
This is the case: I Elena Antevska was trying to pay my telephone bill online within the MY
VIP APP and all went fine EXCEPT that the app dis not register my payment immediately, instead
it said that my payment will be seen within 24 hours. That didn't make any sense because afterwards
I was not able to see anywhere that I made the payment, neither a confirmation email was sent
to me. On top the best part was that VIP customer services and technical support were not
able to confirm that the payment was made... How RUDE. The operator answer was: We can't see
any payment,the system app is made like that, we can see after 24 h... EXCUSE ME. My phone
was off line and they are telling me that I can't be ON again after 24hours because of the
system app process. 
Do they realize what this mean 24 h after you pay the bill you get your benefits of using
the phone again.... if any emergency occur and no line is on ,and in reality  all bills are
payed but no service is provided ????
Please I need an answer on this question if you're able to answer me.!
Than you in advance for your kind cooperation 
Best Regards
Elena Antevska
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