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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Mailing List Subscriber Count (was Re: Apache Reporter Service)
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 04:26:56 GMT
On 7/16/15, 7:24 AM, "Alex Harui" <> wrote:

>OK.  Thanks for the info.
>I might try subsetting the information to not grab the release info and
>run a job once a day to cache the latest for my project on some other
>server.  I’ll reply back on this thread if I ever get it working.

OK, I got something working.  It is here [1].

While reporter.a.o was more for board reports, I (and hopefully someday
other Apache folks) have been writing this web app to not only test out
our next generation of Apache Flex known as Apache FlexJS, but also to try
to see if it is possible to create a web app for Apache projects that
unifies and simplifies the project site visitor experience, like some
folks claim GitHub has.

After rummaging through the reporter.a.o code, I realized I could just as
easily cull most of the information I need from public web pages like
people.a.o and dist.a.o and avoid authentication at reporter.a.o, so I did
that, but I’m blocked on a few things so I have some asks, hopefully in
order from easy to hard:

1) I would like to display the subscriber count in the mailing list
panels.  It looks like there is a file reporter.a.o uses called
mailinglists.json that I can’t get at.  Can I get the subscriber counts
without authentication?  If it is ok from a information security
standpoint but nobody has time, if I can  get access to reporter.a.o I’ll
try to learn how to create my own .py file that just gets that file or a
subset of it.  Or if there is some other way I’m open to that as well.

2) Eventually it would be nice to run this on flex.a.o.  But we need a way
to run a data aggregation job on flex.a.o or get cross-domain (CORS)
access from browsers running apps from flex.a.o to other parts of a.o.
What do we have to do to get permission to do one or the other?

3) This prototype currently has a bunch of buttons that jump out of the
app to other a.o sites like issues.a.o, but in theory, we should be able
to extend this web app to run, for example, a simple JIRA web-app written
in FlexJS so the user never needs to leave this UX for issues.a.o.  For
this we would definitely want CORS access to the REST APIs of JIRA
although it might be possible to set up a proxy server on flex.a.o. Again,
what would we have to do to get permission to do one or the other?

Thanks in advance,


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