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From sebb <>
Subject - change to email statistics
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2015 09:28:24 GMT
There was a bug in the code that counted e-mails sent to mailing lists.

This mainly affected SVN commit messages which it counted twice (*)

A fix has been deployed, but the next daily stats run has not yet
completed (in progress as I write).

When it does, you may find that the mail statistics for some of your
PMC mailing lists have changed.

Note: reporter.a.o and projects.a.o are maintained by Comdev, not Infra

Mailing list: dev@community
JIRA: COMDEV (set the component accordingly)

(*) The code looked for a "Date: " line which it assumed was unique per message.
However SVN commit messages all contain such a line, and other
messages may do so as well.

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